10th Annual All Odds Nationals in Odaiba etc.

December 26, 2015


In Japan, this past Sunday was quite rainy and wet as anyone who watched the Formula 1 Japanese Grand Prix saw. Of course that was not the only interesting event in Japan over the weekend. While the world’s top level of motorsport drew thousands of fans to Fuji Speedway, a group of hardcore Japanese classic car and hot rod enthusiasts gathered at Odaiba in Tokyo for the 10th Annual Mooneyes All Odds Nationals. The event is similar to the Street Car Nationals which is held at the same location every spring. The show had a special section for the cars of Prince (Nissan) as seen in the photo above. My friend Shigeki braved the elements to take some nice photos so I thought I would share a few. To say these enthusiasts are dedicated would be an understatement, as they drove their classic machines for miles through Tokyo’s busy highways in the pouring rain.



I liked this 510 Bluebird Van/Wagon done in a traditional American custom style. The ultra low stance and polished wheels look great, and the shaved door handles set it off.



Wide SSR Formula Mesh wheels look great on this 110 Sunny Truck as does the bonnet.


Lastly, check out this C10 Skyline van. Japan’s classic car events are filled with two door and four door C10s, but it’s quite rare to see the wagon version. I should be able to check out this event for myself next year, but until then thanks to Shigeki for coming through with the pictures.

Meanwhile, back here in the states the 3rd annual Japanese Classic Car Show will be held this weekend in Long Beach at the Queen Mary. I’ve always wanted to make it to this event and this year I will finally be able to. I’ll be leaving Friday and returning on Saturday evening, so look for event coverage soon after. They are expecting over 300 cars so I will make sure my memory cards have plenty of space.

Coverage: Top Drift Rd. 5/Ziptied All Star Bash 2 (Day One)

December 26, 2015


As I am typing this the 2nd (biannual?) Ziptied All Star Bash is in full swing at Willow Springs’ winding Horse Thief Mile Course. I was there yesterday for the final round of Just Drift’s Top Drift Battle and the “warm-up” day for the All Star Bash. It was my first time to HTM, and if you have never been the track itself is quite a sight to see. Photos and video do not do justice to this course and they don’t convey the track’s elevation changes. I was quite worn out after climbing up to the top of the track. The weather was cool and overcast with an occasional rain sprinkle. I was happy enough not having to worry about being sunburned.

This event drew cars from all over the United States, like the Gleb Antonov’s Blue S13.4 from Washington and Brian Wilkerson’s bashed-up S13, which he towed out to California earlier this week.



Brian was able to advance into far into the competition despite the unfamiliar course.



Gleb towed his car down from Washington to drive this weekend.



Hiro Sumida, who is one of the judges for the competition was out in his battle-scarred JZX90 Chaser.



Brian Harte, the father of ASB.



Pat and Chris after crashing during the tandem rounds. Both of the cars were able to drive away.



In the end, it was Forrest Wang in the green S14 who defeated Henry in the Pink FC3S for the Top Drift Rd.5 victory, congrats Forrest.

Sunday’s event should be just as good, if not better. Unfortunately, I was only able to cover Saturday’s action because of upcoming mid-term exams. This event was my final grassroots drift event in the US before moving to Japan in December, and it was a memorable one.

Click here to see the full album of 130+ photos .

Ziptied All Star Bash

December 26, 2015


It was a long day but it was worth it, great atmosphere with everyone screwing around, cool looking cars, and of course good drifting. I even won a totally sweet DVD, thanks BH!

Here are all the photos

Good combination?

December 26, 2015

TE37 Equipped Fox Body

I think so, I saw this fox body Mustang back in April at Buttonwillow for the Redline Time Attack. I had seen pictures this car a few years ago, but this was the first time I saw it in person. People have done almost everything under the sun with the old 5.0 but this one has a distinctive Japanese inspired tuning style. Low offset TE37’s, Bride Seat, etc.

This could be a good way to bring something fresh to cars like this though im sure it might piss off “purists” on both sides. Personally I think it’s awesome.


December 26, 2015


I have added more albums of previous events to the Auto-Otaku Flickr page.

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2006 Tokyo Nostalgic Car Show

December 26, 2015

110 Skyline GTR

Just finished uploading the pictures from the ’06 Tokyo Nostalgic Show which took place about a year ago. Here are the pics, take a look!

An ode’ to Tsukuba Circuit

December 26, 2015

BNR33 and HCR32 Skylines

Just uploaded some older pictures from Tsukuba circuit. I happened to be there at a track meeting that had a huge variety of cars. Everything from classic Mini Coopers, fully tuned GTR’s, Corvettes, Porsches, Imprezas, and vintage models like the KGC10 and 240ZG.