2018 Dodge Barracuda Rumor


People really adore the names from the previous, even if they should belong to dead brands like Plymouth. Interestingly, the most famous rumors are connected to modern muscle cars. So, will FCA resurrect previously famous name, now beneath the Dodge brand? Let’s understand.

2018 Dodge Barracuda release date rumors

Appeared long before 2016, the rumors regarding the Dodge Barracuda release date remain fluctuating on the online – even with no confirmations coming from the brand representatives. One way or another, there isn‘t any smoke without fire. The car could be actually released in 2017-2018 there could be a couple of versions what type of Barracuda we might get. Unless there isn‘t any actual information regarding the car, we could only guess. Analytics has develop a minimum of three versions of what 2018 Dodge Barracuda could be, and they‘re pretty interesting.

Guess one : Barracuda is really a Challenger modification

Just to remind, the initial Barracuda (third generation ) from the first 70s was actually a rebranding of Dodge Challenger. It was eventually the foremost successful and popular car through the entire model history. Fiat-Chrysler might utilize the ‘Cuda or Barracuda naming for any severe facelifted Challenger, which might even have upgraded engine. Since FCA has financial difficulties, this could be an effective name to promote the brand without major funding.


Guess two : Barracuda is an entire new model

The next guess is 2018 Dodge Barracuda is a new muscle car in Dodge lineup. Something between Charger and Challenger, or more inclined as the foremost affordable muscle car. It‘s quite possible, but the issue is both Dodge’s muscles have very similar pricing and mostly identical engines. So, There‘s almost no place for Barracuda between them. If it‘s the less pricey one, so it should be less powerful and much more compact – like an original Barracuda debuted in 1964.

Guess three : Barracuda is codename

All information leaks might result in the very fact Barracuda is definitely an inside codename of different model associated with Chrysler or Dodge. It will probably be some rebadged Alfa Romeo or Fiat car (also FCA brands ), adopted to the United States market. This codename certainly drop hints about an inexpensive sportscar.


2018 Dodge Barracuda specs might upset muscle car fans

Barracuda just can‘t be more powerful than Challenger – the latter already has 707HP Hellcat version. So, taking into account the potential of entry-level muscle car appearance, 2018 Barracuda could be designed with turbocharged I4 and Pentastar V6 engines. The foremost powerful version will produce less than 350HP, which helps make the Barracuda sportier version of currently discontinued Dart. What‘s more heartbreaking for just about any muscle car enthusiast – the modern Barracuda could be FWD or AWD only.

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