New Lamborghini URUS 2018 the World’s Fastest SUV Worldwide Premiere

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Design and practicality

Urus has low-line coupe styling and an overall dominant and muscular appearance due to the larger, but still sporty, proportions of the SUV. It takes certain styling cues from the LM002, in terms of the car’s road presence, but its appearance also looks informed by some of the car manufacturer’s super sports cars such as the Countach and Aventador.

The giant front fender, large air intakes and low-level front spoiler don’t just give it a unique and powerful design but also improved aerodynamic efficiency. With the engine at the front it also allows for a sizeable 600-litre boot space, which is not a spec you’d usually associate with a Lamborghini. Inside the car there is enough room for five passengers is both sporty and luxurious.

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