Review Hennessey Venom GT

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To some automakers, the strategy revolves around producing the foremost economical cars, to others It‘s about producing the model as luxurious as you can while others work to strike a balance of features.

However, at Hennessey, Luxury and price doesn’t make a difference, well maybe somewhat bit ; here it is about speed and a good deal of it for instance. Based on the Company’s founder and president, John Hennessey, the company’s intent is to stay the Venom as the very best performing and fastest production hypercar on mother earth and boy they‘re serious about this as evidenced from the upcoming Venom GT set to get the quickest car in the planet disassembling the crown from Bugatti Veyron. What sounds even crazier is the undeniable fact that the GT will function a curtain raiser to the faster Venom F5 which will certainly be offered afterward.

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