2016 Audi A9 Prologue Concept Review

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New Audi A9 Exterior

Albeit Audi’s recognizable lines, 2016 Audi A9 Prologue surprising its sporty lines. It is not easy to believe the designers have decided to convert their highest luxury sedan into your sports car, having a two-door coupe.

Large radiator grille is broad and flat, and wedge-shaped headlights with high-resolution Matrix laser technology (an innovation from Audi ) will leave you breathless whenever you see him upon the road. Shorter and flatter compared to the A8 models, the idea of Audi Prologue having a length of 5. 10 meters (16. 7 ft) wheelbase of 2. 94 meters (9. 6 feet ), width of 1. 95 meters (6. 4 ft) and height of 1. 39 meters (4. 6 ft), makes that “BMW 7 Series” and “Mercedes S-class” seem old-fashioned when compared with him.

285 / 30 Pirelli P Zero rubber wrapped around 22-inch wheels and carbon-ceramic brakes ensure safety upon the road. What leaves a special impression is concave rear window, that was thrust beneath the trunk lid, along with continuous lightening strips upon the rear lights. Further, Audi has attached the Prologue using the classic SAAB like tail lamps but having a modern tweak. The rear also features dual exhaust pipes.

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