2016 Ford Torino GT Rumors

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In recent days upon the Internet is that the many rumors circulating in regards to the new 2015 / 2016 Ford Torino GT, be it a fiction and a very good photoshop as well as new muscle car begin to see the light from the day, time will tell.

Ford’s been producing exquisite cars for several years. The company’s popular to its iconic muscle car The Mustang and in fact now the company’s next star muscle product the Torino, will hit the markets soon. This car is extremely anticipated by a lot of the car enthusiasts and muscle car lovers. Here is a few information that many of us obtained in regards to the New Ford Torino 2016.

Ford Torino GT Exterior

Ford Torino GT 2016 has adopted its design coming from the elder cousin, the Mustang GT. One‘s body follows a distinct curvature which provides the car its distinct looks and doesn t posses any bumpers. Like the car is performance orientated, the front portion from the body is comparatively less than the rear portion. The car has an elegant aerodynamic finish and it is 5 inches lengthier compared to the previous version. About 70% from the body is made up of aluminum, which provides the car its light weight and likewise enhancing the performance. The wheel size is known to become about 20 inches alloy and also the headlights will certainly be featuring two separate headlamps having the newest LED technology, giving the driver a far better visibility in accordance with the newest trends inside the production of headlights.

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