Best Fuel Efficient SUVs 2012-2013

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Ford Escape Hybrid 2012 - 2013

Ford Escape Hybrid 2012 – 2013

Vehicles don’t need to be small to become fuel efficient. With today’s progressive technology, the auto industry is incorporating hybrid technology and lighter building materials into SUVs allowing them to obtain excellent fuel economy. So if you need to be environmentally friendly by owning a vehicle that‘s fuel efficient which will comfortably carry your loved ones, you are able to always choose an SUV.

Best Fuel Efficient SUVs 2012-2013 – Top 10 List:

1. Ford Escape Hybrid : 34 City / 31 Hwy (32 Avg. ) , Base Price : $30, 570. 2. 5-liter 4-cylinder engine with 177 hp. Reaching 0-60 mph in 9. 5 secs. The Ford Escape Hybrid is certain to turn heads using the progressive styling in an SUV. Scoring high on safety tests and obtaining the very best gas mileage for the SUV makes this vehicle an excellent buy.

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