BMW X3 Review 2017, Price and Release date

During this section we‘ll discuss the advantages possessed by 2017 BMW X3. Well listed below are features inside the Car called BMW X3. This car seed of what could be the primary attributes of car from BMW.


This car includes a roomy cabin space. Breadth of cabin space is that the main advantages possessed by 2017 BMW X3. Being an American-made cars designed with the idea of American which was a so thick It‘s natural that it car includes a size so spacious legroom, in both the very first row and the next row. This car has U-connect feature with 8. 4 inch Touch Screen. The proven features of the car are U-connect set by using the touch screen measuring 8. 4 inches. This screen is multifunctional because it can be utilized for various purposes, starting from setting air conditioning, multimedia, cabin temperature settings, navigation settings, telephone till the parking camera monitoring is likewise done by applying this screen. This car also offers a feature called child Booster Seat. Features child booster seat lets you shift the seat pedestal up to approximately 20 cm so comfortable for the child. This feature enables seal-belt be attached perfectly to children.

Exterior and Safety

Excess second of 2017 BMW X3 has storage space on the very first line. If you drive a car you will see a space besides box or center box. Storage space is located upon the bottom from the passenger seat. Storage space is easily accessible by passengers as is likewise equipped having a towing strap to open this storage. Using the storage space is passengers can carry more goods. This car also offers storage room located on the next line. This storage space is positioned upon the cabin floor. Storage space is known as in floor cooler because it might function a refrigerator inside the car. You merely add ice cubes to stay cool your luggage. The capacity from the storage space is equivalent towards the volume twelve beverage cans. To the third row there‘s also a storage room, along with inside a car trunk generally, this BMW also offers a hidden storage space upon the floor from the trunk. This room lets you bring your goods or could be applied for storing shoes.

Using this feature, you will no longer need to feature a booster seat to keep the security of your son or daughter. But There‘s also disadvantages of the car. The dashboard display is just too simple for cars rich in prices. The Display button upon the interior car is less attractive. The middle console should be opened manually, less appropriate offered the luxury of the car. It is very expensive to the lower middle class.