Honda Accord 2018 : The Sportier and Sleeker New Design

Will the new 2018 Honda Accord will certainly be much like the new Civic? Well, certainly not, although the new Accord will certainly be taking some inspirations coming from the new Civic, that‘s. The new vehicle is caught inside the driving test, wearing an important camo but usually there are some hints if you need to see it closer. It‘s a sure thing the new Accord will certainly be sleeker and angular curves and shapes – to differentiate it from Civic. The foremost noticeable changes will certainly be happening upon the front, however will certainly be some refreshing upgrades happening elsewhere.


The new 2018 Honda Accord will certainly be bigger compared to the Civic using the similar construction from the CR-V. Honda will certainly be by using the similar platform like the MQB versatile modular construction which should enable them to decrease the production costs. Besides many of the cosmetic changes, There‘ll be upgrades upon the engine along with the fuel economy technology. In the end, the Accord is referred to as reliable family four door sedan for many years so that you could expect a minimum of a similar performance and outcome like the previous model. If it‘s better, it‘s a excellent news for everybody, isn’t it? In the end, with sleeker exterior design, it‘s also wise to expect the similar changes happening inside the interior cabin, don’t you?

Release Date and Price

There hasn’t been any official release from Honda however the new 2018 Honda Accord should debut somewhere near finished of 2017 with global sales starting from the center of 2018. Price tag hasn’t been known either though it‘s predicted the base Accord is sold at around $30, 000 as the Hybrid variant will sell at around $39, 000 to $40, 000. Yes the new Hybrid will certainly be introduced like the alternative, just in case you can’t really await the new Accord. To the hybrid, the fuel economy system is about 49 mpg to the city and 47 mpg to the highway with total output of 212 hp of power.


It is feasible the new 2018 Honda Accord will certainly be coming with four cylinder turbocharged 1. 5 liter engine, delivering 174 hp of power. Rumor has it that Honda will likely ditch the V6 3. 5 liter engine to the turbocharged 2. 0 liter unit. Up until now, Honda hasn’t made any official comment or release of their new engine powertrain. Let’s wait and find out for further updates about 2018 Honda Accord.