Kia GT Stinger 2018 : The Sporty Sedan

If you have been waiting for the updates, this is the right time to trace it through.


Nobody really knows the true performance of this 2018 Kia GT before the release. A few of the rumors claim that there will be two different engine arrangements set for this particular ride; the bottom option is that the inline four turbocharged 2.0 liter engine delivering 255 hp of power while the optional one is the V6 twin liter 3.3 liter engine delivering 365 hp of power. Both of these will probably likely be paired with rear wheel or all wheel driving method and automatic eight rate transmission.

Besides the mechanical updates, expect better features and technology to be included in the updates, including automated emergency brake, touchscreen display system using 7.0 inch dimension, sound system out of Harman/Kardon, and lane keep assistance technologies — among other couple of updates. Kia appears to make positive the updates concerning the rear wheel driving system and the optional powertrain with the peak outcome of 365 hp will be able to earn this sporty sedan appealing to the hardcore auto enthusiasts.

Kia has been dropping hints here and there with this GT Stinger production. They have released the original concept during 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show, followed with the introduction of the Stinger GT4 prototype during Detroit Auto Show 2014. And now, they seem to be prepared to finally introduce the sporty sedan to the world, adopting the title within the last stage. It is very safe to say the new 2018 Kia GT may be promising as Kia has promised.

Keep in mind that the GT Stinger is different from the K900. When compared to K900, Stinger is sportier and yet sleeker with the coupelike low roofline. With the options of two engines and also different driving method, auto fans will find this Stinger not just alluring and appealing from the design, but also tough and nice to ride. It is able to reach 62 mph within 5.1 minutes with top speed of 167 mph. For the European market, there will be a diesel version but it might not be available for the American industry.

Thus far, there have not been any official updates for your price and release date but they should be available soon enough, round summer 2017. Let’s hope the new 2018 Kia GT won’t be disappointing at all.