Mercedes C Class 2017 Boosts The Class with Twin-Turbo

Referring to Mercedes C Class 2017, this lineup is the foremost favorite class since its debut long time ago. Coming with fixed platform in an effort to create sportier body, AMG is now categorized as athletic coupe. Meanwhile, the fresh grille has black mesh. We actually see a brand new generation of C Class of Mercedes Benz at this time. For the information, the chief of the popular brand felt a duty to reshape and facelift this car towards the new design and face in the end.

Mercedes C Class 2017 Design

Allow us to undergo to the planning of Mercedes C Class 2017. Once we can see upon the photos, the classic segment could be perceived on one‘s body of the coupe. Moreover, the front clip from the sedan is likewise presented for this model obviously. The difference comes coming from the A-pillars which offers new sense of C Class. Meanwhile, upright windshield could be found upon the compact coupe and that is wider using its new LED taillights on the rear. Depending on official specs, It‘s 2. 5 inches wider upon the front and 2. 6 inches on the rear. The dramatic effect is combined for this C Class both upon the front and also the rear. It slightly remains us using the S-Class coupe thus far.

Mercedes C Class 2017 Chassis

We will the chassis of Mercedes C Class 2017. Once again, coupe and sedan models ought to be compared one another. We got the sedan has more capabilities during this class. However, the coupe ought to be greater than sedan, right? For the information, the seating positions were reduced around 0. 8 inches than previous model. Moreover, the roofline is likewise lowered around 1. 6 inches in the end. The driving dynamics likely become the favorite for that class and We‘ve to mention because of the new calibrating of steering wheel of the car. Meanwhile, the front tires vary from eighteen until nineteen inches. Meanwhile, the rear wheels have higher size round twenty inches.

Mercedes C Class 2017 beneath the Hood

It isn‘t an entire review if we don‘t talk in regards to the engine. Driven by specifications, the C Class coupe starts the engine around 241 horsepower. This really is powered by 2. 0 L turbo four-cylinder engine. Meanwhile, the coupe model has RWD like the standard and also the AWD like the optional feature. The Sport coupe has higher performance and because of the 3. 0 L V engine and that is rated to supply 362 horsepower inside a time. Furthermore, the AMG has twin-turbocharged with V8 engine. It produces 469 horsepower and also the fastest one during this Mercedes C Class 2017.