R35 GT-R Based Crossover SUV?

February 26, 2008

R35 GT-R Based Crossover SUV?

The folks at Japan’s Best Car Magazine, being the great speculators that they are have done some speculative renderings of a (gasp) possible R35 GT-R based crossover SUV. I doubt there is much truth behind this. but the magazine is speculating that that the that GT-R based SUV would be output around 480ps, be a 5-door hatchback and target Porsche Cayenne buyers.

If you thought the ideas of an Infiniti-badged GT-R sedan were way out there, then what do you think of this?

Whether or not anything like this ever comes to be, it is quite interesting to think about.

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I swear, each company goes one step too far with each super cars… the Skylines… They should have just stoped at R-34 and then skip the r-35/36 series and just come out with the R-35 GTR.. Also with the Tourer V seris.. should have just stopped at 100’s… So but if they do go with this plan, i guess it’s cool and i guess it’s gonna be a pretty fast SUV.. lol.. cool though!

Posted by: James W. | February 26, 2008 at 04:46 AM

Terrible, if a cross was to happen I’d much rather have a wagon, like the Stega -> R34 conversions, and honestly the R35 isn’t far off from the shape of one.