Review 2015 Pontiac Firebird

2015 Pontiac Firebird is really a new car that could include six-speed manual impressed us upon the track. It is a excellent car in its performance. Automatic convertible upon the streets and inside the drag strip and treatment programs to discover the top-of-the-line drop-top upon the car.

2015 Pontiac Firebird

Because of Magnetic Ride Control suspension Pontiac, 2015 Pontiac Firebird posted around 1 : 01 g skidpad and figure composed of eight in 24. 1 seconds at 0. 85 g average, putting it just above the numbers 2015 Firebird coupe handling this (1 : 02 g and 23. 9 seconds at 0. 83 g ). And now what is it prefer to endure a 580-hp drop-top upon the daily? Upon the streets, Magnetic Ride Control suspension supplies a smooth ride – even in Sport mode. Actually, Sport Touring like a substitute for standard setting this car up.

Model open-top reinforced with front shock tower brace, X-brace front, and rigid engine cradle, transmission support brace, underbody tunnel brace, and rear underbody braces V. Regardless of the impressive handling numbers, torque is abundant car, heavy curb pretty, and slowly chassis forcing drivers to reevaluate corner entry speed upon the road.

2015 Pontiac Firebird Interior

2015 Pontiac Firebird Specification

2015 Pontiac Firebird will certainly be present with 580 hp and 556 lb-ft of torque, this car is the foremost powerful convertible inside the Pontiac history, although it was eventually not the quickest. Honorary owned using a limited-production, the 505-hp 2015 Firebird. Power comes given by a supercharged 6. 2-liter Pontiac V-8 is likewise used inside the model Trans Am (556 hp / 551 lb-ft ). In the drag strip, the 4, 405-pound 2015 Firebird automatic conversion reaches 60 mph in 4. 1 seconds and complete the quarter mile in 12. 5 seconds at 114. 3 mph.

2015 Pontiac Firebird Engine-2

For comparison, 354-pound-lighter Firebird coupe having a manual six-speed run as much as 60 mph in 3. 8 seconds and complete the quarter mile in 12. 1 seconds at 117. 4 mph. Having a 60-mph stopping distance of 106 meters, 2015 Firebird convertible stopping 2 meters shorter compared to the coupe.

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