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Ferrari Enzo rearview Open Door

Ferrari Enzo Performance

The Enzo was designed by Japanese Pininfarina head Ken Okuyama was initially introduced in the 2002 Motor Show in Paris and experienced a limited quantity of units priced at $ 659, 330. Pininfarina wanted a car the will certainly be entirely different coming from the usual approach employed for its predecessors (GTO, F40 and 50 ). A mid-engine vehicle whose weight distribution is at 43. 9 in the front and 56 inside the rear, the Enzo has variable valve timing and dual overhead cams to feature to its naturally aspirated engine.

It‘s designed by having an automatic transmission (F1 gearbox ) and uses paddles to control its clutch mechanism and automated shifting. The LED light right in the steering wheel tells the driver to shift gears as necessary. Their independent four wheel suspension with actuated shock absorbers are adjusted right within the cabin and also have front and rear anti-roll bars. The 19 inch wheels uses Brembo 15 inch disc brakes and therefore are held using a lug nut. They‘re fitted with RE050A Potenza Scuderia tires. The car can accelerate as much as 60 miles each hour in merely 3. 14 seconds and reaches 100 miles each hour inside a short 6. 6 seconds.

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