Subaru Forester 2018 : The Design Improvement for Higher Sales Numbers

In case you begin to see the image from the new 2018 Subaru Forester, you‘ll see a very good looking design with muscular stance and buff, solid construction. Regardless of the good construction, somehow the Forester is far from popular in its segment. That’s why they‘re coming using the new design and model like the company is expecting to alter their sales numbers sooner or later years.


The Forester alone is around for 20 years and also the last fourth generation happened in 2012. At that point, the vehicle was designed in four wheel driving system with front engine arrangement. It was eventually paired with manual six speed transmission with either 2. 5 liter engine as well as 2. 0 liter type. Lots of individuals are expecting the new 2018 Subaru Forester to possess different powertrain and management, aside coming from the rather obvious physical developments.

Price and Release Date

It‘s unfortunate the company hasn’t made any official confirmation or announcement in regards to the release from the new Forester. It‘s predicted the new Forester ought to be coming in 2017, a minimum of towards the end of them. For the value tag, there isn‘t any clear indication but the value is predicted to hover at around $21, 000. In fact, higher trim could have higher price range.

Engine and Specs

Although rumors happen to be flying around in regards to the powertrain from the new Forester, the corporate has no intention of employing a new powertrain. It‘s pretty clear that they‘re going to remain by using the four cylinder engine with either 2. 0 liter capacity as well as 2. 5 liter capacity delivering 170 hp of power to the latter – which isn’t really bad. The 2. 0 liter engine has the capacity to produce 250 hp of power.

It is feasible the company will certainly be by using the 1. 6 liter engine that‘s lighter – together with the lightweight materials though there hasn’t been any indication that it‘s the real deal. You should be expecting further updates and updates from the corporate concerning their new 2018 Subaru Forester.


It is feasible the new Forester will certainly be coming with new platform, and that is sturdier and stronger than before. Regardless of the solid arrangement, the materials will certainly be lighter which could impact the fuel economy. Thus far, this is actually the only updates in regards to the new 2018 Subaru Forester as details to the exterior, interior, and extras remain on hold.