Toyota Fortuner 2017 Comes Beyond the Customers’ Expectations

The Toyota Fortuner 2017 becomes the all-new brand which answers everything for many Fortuner lovers in the world. The modern characteristics of SUV come into a single inside the brand new Fortuner. We can see new transmission, design, engine and interior features that produce our driving activitiy become pleasurable for our families. That is why 2017 Fortuner will be a fantastic choice for many costumers in every segment. This SUV is expected to achieve the past expectation of the customers according to Hiroyuki Fukui, President Director of Toyota. It is also encouraged by several variants which are available now. Let us view them one by one through this article.

Toyota Fortuner 2017 IMV Platform

They are divided into two classes, the VRZ, SRZ and G. For your information, this platform has been already employed by its older brother, Toyota Hilux that was launched last year. According to this platform, it will strengthen the position of Toyota among the biggest SUV automakers particularly in South East Asia like Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and many more. Moreover, this platform is very flexible especially for big SUV like Fortuner from the way.

Toyota Fortuner 2017 Underneath the Hood

As we can see below its hood, this SUV carries new technology of Variable Nozzle Turbo attribute with its Intercooler for diesel engine. Moreover, another engine is also supported by Dual VVT-I that provides better fuel economy for sure. Those engines are also quickly in the class. So, what exactly do we get here? They are large and powerful engine which pushes out higher horsepower and much better fuel economy obviously. Both engines are mated with six-speed auto and manual transmissions. The torque is strong but it is still on non RPM from the way.

When we discuss the new design, it belongs to all new Toyota Fortuner. The consumers will have two brand new color variations. They are Phantom Brown Metallic that gives elegant exterior and Avant-Garde Bronze Metallic that is classier in the lineup. The hood for petrol engine is going to be the same using gasoline engine type. As a result of the deeper position of the intercooler. On the front, the headlights offer Bi-Beam and LED technology at once so that they’re more integrated each other while working. Overall, the Toyota Fortuner 2017 looks like premium SUV in the class.