Toyota Highlander 2018 : Only a Slight Refreshment

The new 2018 Toyota Highlander is said to include better styles more enhanced look – an improvement from what That They‘d done using the 2017 model. In the end, the SUV has already had its own good stance trying to find – using the solid ground and reliable driving ability. So exactly what do you anticipate more coming from the new Highlander, anyway?


There isn’t much to the change but it‘s a sure thing that Toyota will refresh the design and appearance of the 2017 Highlander – claim it like the refreshment attempt. The updates can include a brand new color option (or perhaps two ) with upgrades upon the engine and refreshed styling. Besides the addition of safety features that‘ll be the conventional equipment, you may also expect a third row seating and generous cabin that has the capacity to accommodate 8 people just nicely and comfortably. Sounds as a great deal to the 2018 Toyota Highlander before getting prepared to the fully redesigned 2020 model, right?


Since the new 2018 Toyota Highlander will certainly be the slightly updated version from the 2017 model, you shouldn’t expect an excessive amount from it. Yes, There‘ll be an updated and refreshed look although not an excessive amount. You can get another color like Walnut Toasted Pearl and Silver Celestial Metallic as being new addition from the palette from 2017 model. Bigger grille, more pronounced taillights, and also a personalized grille finish for every trim and level ought to be expected. As an example, the Platinum and Limited can get painted chrome finish, as the SE will obtain the shadowed treatment. How will you differentiate the Platinum and Limited with a similar finish? With the chrome garnish rear bumper style, that‘s.


The engine sector won‘t get any changes either. They‘re going to remain loyal on their V6 engine, paired with auto eight speed transmission. With direct fuel injection system which will produce 295 hp of power, Toyota thinks it isn’t necessary so that they could do any changes – this the first is enough, already. But those choosing the hybrid system can get the V6 engine paired using the battery electric motor. The electric motor won’t be by using the recharging plug-in style but by using the principle of storing the lost energy during coasting and likewise braking.

The value for the bottom trim will likely increase by having an estimation of around $32, 000. The higher end of 2018 Toyota Highlander should start from around $48, 000, respectively.