Toyota Sequoia Redesign 2018 : All the New Updates

The news about 2018 Toyota Sequoia redesign is just adding up the aggressive flair and air in the auto world. It seems that the complete size SUV platform will be very busy with a few of the best names in the industry are getting started with their production. Toyota is definitely going with Sequoia and also Tundra, while Nissan is going to be busy with Armada and GM will probably be coming with two new productions. At the moment, both Tundra and Sequoia have entered the production stage and testing interval so we should be able to await updates.


Rumor has it that the 2018 Toyota Sequoia redesign will take an entirely new form and design — you can say that the new Sequoia will be coming entirely new. It’ll share exactly the same chassis together with Tundra, which means that the combination of aluminum and higher excellent steel ought to be expected. Because of the aluminum parts, there’ll be a significant weight loss for your Sequoia therefore it weighs significantly less than 5000 pounds — it experiences around 700 pounds drop. The lighter structure is designed to enhanced fuel consumption and performance, which leads to a better comfort.

It is still unknown when Toyota is going to create this new Sequoia available on the dealerships. But, rumor has it that this version will be introduced to the public around the second quarter of 2018 and manufacturing stage follows not long after it. The price is still unknown and it is also likely that it could possibly differ from the last generation, considering that this 2018 Toyota Sequoia redesign will change the overall stage and construction.


It is likely that the new Sequoia will get a new front appearance with car-like feel instead of truck-like feel. It is highly likely that Sequoia will get the same treatment as the Highlander without changing the overall dimension and size. For your cabin, a better flair and atmosphere are definitely expected, with updated appearance, trims, alternatives, and technology. With higher materials and new features, hopefully, Sequoia will not be dull as before.


For the engine, the V8 engine with 5.7 liter capacity is likely gone, replaced with new petrol and also diesel engine but it is unknown whether Toyota will be doing so. They are said to operate on V7 turbocharged 3.0 liter engine that is expected to produce 400 hp of power.